Important DATES

Wednesday February 2017 8th at 8pm is the start of Fitness Training

Official STARTING DATE is Saturday 18th of March 

The following Saturday Practices are compulsory  18th of March, 8th of April and  15th of April

Tuesday and Thursday Practice will start the 4th of April from 4-7pm

Check the Calendar to book of practice dates!

Game schedule

John Keogh Schedule

Date 2017 April 14th- 15th


These dates might change on short notice because of inclement  weather.

Playoff games/ Provincials will be determent by the standings.


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The following forms have to be signed by Parent or Gardian

Parent Information letter

1) Player Responsibility Form (before Practice)

2) Parental Consent (before Practice)

3) Parent Permission Travel Form 

4) Grade 9-10 players


Game schedule

Players have to do the following tests.

Print out final certificate and hand it in

Rugby Ready

Rugby Laws


Funding help

Kids Sport




Practice Dates on Calendar