Course Outline 


PREREQUISITES:                        DESCRIPTION: 






















Course none.

Students should like to solve puzzles or problems that require creative thinking.The student is introduced to the visual elements of design and principles governing their organization and arrangement. Design is taught as a process directed equally by emotion and intellect, where discipline and freedom are of equal weight. Effective solutions are found by understanding the problem and meeting objectives. Students learn to give messages, events, ideas and values of every kind a visible form. Exercises develop skills and stress exploration and experimentation. Assignments evaluate skills attained and stress result-producing graphics. Students learn to visually represent abstract thoughts, create designs that communicate messages persuasively, and execute ideas from rough to final form.


The course will be one term


Upon successful completion of the course the student should be

able to:

1. Evaluate the merit and effectiveness of layouts and design solutions know what makes a concept successful 2. Initiate effective design concepts that are both creative and practical 3. think metaphorically and communicate abstract ideas with familiar and original symbolic images

Also read (Students general objective)



1. Attend school regularly

2. Always bring the required materials to class

3. Make a honest effort to learn and work every day


The following factors are taken into account in determining

the overall rating:

Assignments                 100

Completion of Course 100

(See the Classroom Procedures or Grading, Evaluation and Assessment practice)