Dominic Wilcox’s "speed creating"

Check out this cool ideas … fun and funny “I have been invited by curator Daniel Charny to take part in the Anti Design Festival‘s Mistakes and Manifestos events. I am starting a new project called ‘Speed Creating’ where I attempt to do something creative each day for 30 days (gulp). Large or small, quick […]


AICAD With the myriad of choices available to those wishing to study art and design, the college decision process can be overwhelming, even daunting. With this in mind, we have created freely downloadable PDFs which compare the most important statistics (enrollment, student/faculty ratio, cost of attendance, financial aid, majors and degrees offered, accreditation, and more) […]

Malibu By U

Malibu BY U is a new limited edition bottle from Malibu. A white bottle can be drawn on by markers supplied or you can do it onlineand win a trip. upload your design on to the website.Great fun a promotional method.

Gadgets/ Open Source Software for kids

The following is a list of open source software and Gadgets that are educational but also fun. Some require a username and login and some need to be installed , but they are free!!!! Enjoy Flash based Fun Type creator. Select different type at the top bar. Embed the code in your website or […]

Steetmuseum IPhone App use augmented reality

The Museum of London recently released a free iPhone app called Streetmuseum which incorporates their extensive art and photographic collections with augmented reality. According to the museum, the application would be providing users a window through time. The app leads you to various locations around London using either the map or GPS. Once you’re there, […]

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