Type furniture

Awesome in reference to: “Palette Industries from Canada.”– Looks like good Type Furniture by Palette Industries (view on Google Sidewiki)

Amazing Tree-Trunk Garden House

This is going to be amongst the most unique homes we’ve covered on HomeQN so far. The Tree trunk garden house in Hilversum, Netherlands is a house made from logs. The home is all carved from stack of logs which is truly an inspiration for those who think that the wooden houses are not appealing. […]

Tattoo Bicycle Helmet

Julien Bergignat – Tattoo Bicycle Helmet French designer Julien Bergignat has taken inspiration from the Armadillo to create a lightweight, low cost, and recyclable bicycle helmet. The Tattoo helmet is entirely made up of polypropylene, and is able to transform from flat to three dimensional and back again in a matter of seconds. This design […]

New Phone

You have to check this phone out!!!!! http://www.pomegranatephone.com Explore the features , it even has a Build in Coffee maker….

What Type Are you???

What Type Are You? – Pentagram offers this fun interactive microsite to figure out which typeface best represents you. The password is “character”.http://www.pentagram.com/what-type-are-you/