Mousepaths by Hiroyuki Hamada

These images are recordings of mousepaths using a Java applet by Anatoly Zenkov. In addition to being an interesting aggregation of usage data, they look pretty cool (especially the ones over shorter time periods). Important to note that the black spots are where the mouse stopped for a period of time, not clicks as I […]

Census "Cummunity" Animation

Great Video Census “Community” by Shilo, a Studio from New York. Census “Community” – Director’s Cut from Shilo on Vimeo. see link:

2010 Olympics Torch

Check the full story at:

Imagination …the berg

While big and wealthy cities in many parts ofthe world challenge the limits of possibility bybuilding gigantic hotels with fancy shapes, erectingsky-high office towers or constructing hoveringphilharmonic temples, Berlin sets up a decentmountain. Its peak exceeds 1000 metres and iscovered with snow from September to March… well this is imagination to build a Mountain… lets […]

"Exit through the Gift Shop"

..a film that will change your the perception of street art ….. in reference to: “will change the perception of street art”– Buzz Beast: Banksy “Exit Through the Gift Shop” (view on Google Sidewiki)